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I’ve finally caught up with life after the move and job change.  I’m ready to start updating this site more often and definitely ready to get back to sewing.

I don’t have any new finished projects to post yet, since the only thing I’ve been working on has been getting to know my new home, the island of Puerto Rico.   So, I’ve started a guide to Puerto Rico, posted here. I’m going to try putting the information on it into a downloadable PDF for you to print and throw in your guidebook on your next trip to Puerto Rico (which hopefully is soon- this place is wonderful, and with the new passport regulations will be one of the easiest tropical destinations for US travellers). I’ll update this post when I’ve finished the downloadable version.

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Adios Amigas

I’ve left the mainland and am in the process of setting up life in Puerto Rico. Because I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my sewing machine and supplies (along with everything else we own), I won’t have any new crafts up at least for a month or so- which is too bad because I have a few weeks off before I start the new job. Guess I’ll just have to spend that time at the beach.

This is the inspiration board I looked at to get myself ready for the move. The CD was more for education than inspiration…

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In the meantime I’ll try to post a few photos to help me pass the time. Take care and enjoy your summer.

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Because I never got around to painting the upstairs, the walls had gone undecorated. Now that it’s time to sell, we are scrambling to make the house look more homey.

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First project is the Postcard Collage.
I’ve saved every postcard anyone ever sent me, and I make sure to bring one home everytime I travel.
It was very easy to make- I just used some of that green sticky stuff to arrange the postcards in one of those frames where the glass pops out the front.   I didn’t want to glue these on in case someday I’d like to read the backs again.

Second project is the Sand Dollar Shadow Box
I’ve been meaning to make one of these ever since I saw a smaller version on my friend’s bathroom counter. Luckily another friend gave me the 2 natural sand dollars that she brought back from a trip to Nicaragua, and I got 2 more as a favor from a wedding in Florida. I just added the red fabric to match the room and cover the gray that came in the shadow box I bought at Michaels. The box even came with the pearl head pins. I think it fits in well with our semi-tropical bedroom. And you could use the shadow box to display other travel mementos if you aren’t into sand dollars- like ticket stubs, foreign dollars, photos, whatever.

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I used to have a trunk (or foot locker, if you prefer) where I planned to display all my travel stickers. However, I spent some time living in some tiny one bedroom apartments, so I ended up throwing it out to save room. I was avoiding the bigger evil of using the trunk as coffee table with a blanket over it for a few years until I had big enough closets to stash it in.

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I’ve always loved luggage stickers. If I had a foot locker today, It would have stickers on it.
Luggage stickers above from Dover Clip Art.

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Whenever friends and family travel, I always beg them to send me a postcard, or to bring back some coins. I love to have things from foreign places.

I used to have a “pocket” shower curtain that I bought at Urban Outfitters, and I filled the clear vinyl pockets with US postcards, arranged by geographic location (from Hawaii on the left to Maine on the upper right). However, after years of use, the curtain ring holes kept tearing and I couldn’t use it anymore. I keep looking for a replacement.

Until then, the only good uses I can find for my collection of postcards is:
1. Collages
2. A homemade wallpaper border
I’m almost positive I saw pictures of this on a blog recently, but now google is only finding me the SpongeBop SquarePants variety….here.
Ah ha, Decor8 posted here, although I can’t remember where I originally spotted this photo from the book Photocraft.

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3. A lampshade (instead of photos)here or here

4. Enlarged to create Giant Wall Art
Kind of like the blown-up antique letter from Blueprint
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Or there is always making your own postcards:
Printing your own at vistaprint
Sticking a postcard back on your photo
Martha’s postcard pdf download

As for coins, I don’t have much exciting to say. I guess I’m a coin-collecting geek. I was very sad when the Euro came along and replaced all those beautiful European coins….

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My crystal ball is showing that it looks like we’re moving to the Caribbean this summer for work! So it looks like I will have to move up the purchase of a new Digital SLR camera. And I probably won’t be able to post as many sewing/craft projects without a Jo-ann’s and AC Moore down the street anymore. But I will hopefully be able to post more travel photography!

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Pic is from Vieques Travel Guide.

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I love maps, so I’ve been compiling map projects

1. Map on a roller shade, like in Elementary School
Idea from Trading Spaces: Room by Hildi (with Paris photo on roller shade), and in Trading Spaces: $100 to $1000 Makeovers
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2. Nautical Chart as wrapping paper
Buy it at your local marine goods store. It looks beautiful with brown raffia ribbon
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3. Map lampshade
Inspired by Land of Nod buoy lamp
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4. Map bedspread
Made with this fabric from Hancocks of Paducah, which is unfortunately not availble now.

5. Laminated map with tacks to track your travels.
I could spend hours in the Rand McNally store…
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6. Map decoupaged furniture: chest of drawers, tabletop, bookshelf
I saw this somewhere, perhaps in a book? I can’t remember now…

7. Laminated Map placemats

8. Giant wall mural, hand painted or wallpapered on

9. I love illuminated globes, although this isn’t a craft project (but I suppose you could make one if you wanted), I still think it is a good design element that would look great in any home.  I am in the market for one of the large sturdy versions, since The Dog knocked over and broke the simple version I bought from a nice gentleman on Craig’s List.  

Bonus Map Inspiration:
The latest J.Crew catalog has a vintage travel theme with lots of beautiful layouts with worn atlases, weathered suitcases, maps and globes. Quickly browsing through their website I didn’t see any of those photos, but if you can still get the catalog it’s very well designed. I don’t normally buy their clothes unless it is on sale, or at the outlets, but I really did love the layouts…
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Good Book about Maps:
The Island of Lost Maps: A True Story of Cartographic Crime by Miles Harvey
Provides some insight into map collecting, and the story of a man who stole maps to sell by cutting them out of antique books at libraries across the country.

New Project added here on March 3rd.

Added 5/26/07: Map Projects are in the latest version of Martha Stewart Living. or here.

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